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    00 Early History

    Private Beta (Written by Francis_7)

    July 2001
    There starts inviting people to participate in this beta without saying much about what it actually is.

    There starts sending out video cards to women who apply to get more women participating in the early beta tests.

    The first tests take place on Caldera island with members gathering at Island Tours. Nearby is Nada island but because of water, it is difficult to reach.
    Ootay is nowhere to be seen.

    Single Seater buggies came in different speeds. Faster ones have darker colored fenders. Slower ones had basically solid color bodies.

    Monday, Oct. 22, 2001, 6-9pm First Private Beta Test?
    I am unclear if there were earlier groups
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    01 Public Beta I

    Public Beta 1

    PBI introduced the following features:
    Included Aussie hats and bunny slippers as well as the developer program.

    From there.com Jan 9-2003
    "The There team shares a powerful vision of fundamentally changing the way people interact with each other online," said Jim White, Managing Partner at Sutter Hill Ventures. "After four years of hard work, they have the product
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    02 Public Beta II

    There Public Beta II starts on 3-12-03

    New features included a bunch of emotes and new vehicles in the shop.
    Like the over the rainbow pack and the Tow of Hearts Pack Regular Price: T$ 17,999 .
    And a bunch of dune buggies and new board designs. Buggy Racer Three Regular Price: T$ 10,499
    Nebula Hoverboard at T$ 13,999 and Seamonster Hoverboard T$ 13,999
    Beanies were also new
    Bumblebee pack goes down to $4999 after being jacked up to 6599 near the end of the previous beta.

    There were a bunch of new drinks as well. Not sure which ones though.

    There were
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    03 Public Beta III / Preview Version

    Public Beta III / Preview Version

    New features included: photo huts, Hoverbikes, and Hoverboats.
    Accessories now include ear rings and glasses. The slider bars in the spa now allow for more customization. You can now build a paintball course with a gun kit Tommyguns were introduced. Stylemaker arrives on the scenes to make womens tops. Flutterbugs arrive on the scene. Stages get buzzers. new hairstyles like the fro come out. Freestyle Hoverbaord make the scene. The Adventure Maker adds four new types of clues including lockbox, Bottles, and balloons. Oh yeah and personal force fields! And of couse the ever popular blockheads avie as a measure of crowd control. Name tags get bigger when you look at someone in a chat group. Waterfalls and hot tubs on Calderra also added. Still levels began to tel lus more about how
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    04 Limited Release

    9-8-03 There sends out letters to event hosts offering them the chance to operate a funzone for six months.

    9-8-03 Revisions to hosting skill change the amount of events, sound systems, and signs you can drop. The Oro Longue is mentioned for the first time.

    9-8-03 There.com gets a new front page for the limited release version.

    9-8-03 Droopy proposes first portazone community "Theresberg" into a crater on MotuMotu

    9-9-03 TUV and Bacio model first spotted in client folders.

    9-?-03 Digital Signal X hosts a official "Name There Planet" contest. The winner to be given 10k, a vehicle, and other prizes as well as having their entry selected to be the official

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    05 There Version 1

    Version 1

    10-27-03 Leo Laporte does a large feature on Tech TV (opening day)

    10-30-03 Auctions end for the gothic home improvement set. Winners received a gothic set weeks in advance (11-26-03) of being in shop and a special wall hanging. Shame it is not in time for Halloween.

    11-03 ATI offerers special There deal with Radeon cards.

    11-03 Kittenkat releases her snow patch which turns There into a winter wonderland! Amazing!

    11-03 Elliott_Beazley
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    06 There Version 2

    Version 2
    2-18-04 Version 2.0 of there released. New card tables, clothing and more bugs than you can shake a stick at! 8 seater group seating, about takes on items,

    New things include: the Cannery funzone, Marrooned island, now hairstyles, Fancy exterior on the Oro Longue and Wharf houses. Oh and the Cascade Bar in Dune Valley. Dont forget 16 person team platforms. The new Moroccan building set comes out. New emotes added included a series of number 0-10

    2-18-04 UFO vanishes from the skies of There

    2-18-04 First set of pier houses releases for 50k monthly rent each.

    2-19-04 Second set of pier houses released.

    2-20-04 There are Second Life are featured on a KCLA9 special news segment (add backblast link here)

    2-26-04 There Museum of Art releases an Easter egg model for artists to paint on.

    2-27-04 Levi makes a State of There address broadcast on many There radio stations. He announces remaining houses and the Cannery


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