• There.com On Mac

    Currently, there is no software available to install There.com for Mac. However; here are some alternatives to use to play There.

    The first alternative is installing Windows on Boot Camp. Boot Camp is a feature on your Mac that allows you to partition your hard drive, to install Windows on your computer. Boot Camp is free. You will need to purchase a full Windows OS. Some stores and sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, TigerDirect, MicroCenter and other Technology stores may have the full OS. Once you purchase the Windows OS, follow the instructions on installing Boot Camp from Apple.

    The second alternative is purchasing Parallels Desktop for Mac. This one is mostly popular and a few thereians use it currently. You will still need to purchase a Windows OS. Also, you will need to purchase Parallels. It can get expensive since you need to purchase both Parallels and Windows OS, but when you purchase Parallels you get to connect your Mac with Windows, without the need of logging off your Mac and logging onto Windows. It crosses path with Windows nicely, and it has had positive feedback when it comes to graphics and quality.

    The third alternative is purchasing VMWare Fusion. Similar as Parallels Desktop for Mac. It pretty much does the same exact things. There are no difference between them. They both work nicely and great quality. You will still need to purchase a Windows OS.

    Fourth alternative, you can get VirtualBox. It's free and developed by Oracle. It does the same thing as Parallels and vmware. It's not as popular like the others but it's been closely compared to.

    Lastly, Crossover. A full page about it made by TheChaz can be found here: http://therecommunity.net/content.ph...-Mac-Crossover

    You can read the comparison here: VMWare Fusion, Parallels, and VirtualBox

    The recommendation to use for your computer is if you don't want to spend a lot of money then use Boot Camp. It's Free and easy to set up. If you have the money to spend then the recommendation would be getting Parallels. The quality connection with your graphics works nicely. At the end it is your choice on what to get. You can read the comparison above about VMWare Fusion, Parallels and Virtual Box.
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