• Getting Flash on There

    Suggested by TheChaz (Not an Employee of There):

    Once Microsoft has removed the built-in Flash Player from Windows, you can follow these instructions to install the Macromedia Flash Player 8 ActiveX control. This does not require any date change and can run all of There's Flash UI controls and huds.

    Only do this if you understand the risks of using an old version of Flash. Be sure to keep Windows and your security software up to date.

    If Microsoft's update has not already uninstalled the Flash Player bundled with Windows, you can download and manually install the update from here...
    Microsoft Update Catalog
    Adobe also has a tool for removing additional versions of the Flash Player if you want to start fresh...

    The archived versions of the Flash Player can be found here...
    Archived Adobe Flash Player versions
    (DIRECT LINK) https://web.archive.org/web/20190619....1_archive.zip

    • Scroll all the way to the bottom and download Flash Player 10.1 (fp10.1_archive.zip)
    • Install fp10.1_archive\10_1r82_76\flashplayer10_1r82_76_wi nax.exe

    To be extra careful, disable the Flash Player in Internet Explorer.

    • Select Internet Options from the menu
    • Go to the Programs tab
    • Click Managed add-ons
    • Select Shockwave Flash Object from the list (if it doesn't appear, it may already be disabled)
    • Click the disable button

    Once this is done, if you visit https://www.there.com/ you should not see the promo video
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