• New Replacement for Flash - ThereEdge

    Announcing ThereEdge!

    After a few months of development and testing, I?m pleased to announce the first public release of ThereEdge for Windows 10 and 11.
    This is a community driven project which completely replaces the Flash and Internet Explorer controls used by the There client.


    • As with other 3rd party add-ons, this is not supported by Makena.
    • Earlier versions of Windows (7, 8, 8.1, XP, 95, 3.1, etc...) are not currently supported.
    • I have digitally signed the files, so you can verify that I am the publisher. However, Windows will still warn you that this is unverified software. When prompted that "Windows protected your PC", select ?More info? to see my name and get the ?Run anyway? button.
    • This does not require the Edge browser. You can continue to use Chrome, Firefox, etc... This will install the Edge WebView2 runtime, which is a smaller component, if it is not already installed.
    • A new ?There (Edge)? shortcut will appear in your Start Menu. This should be used to run There without Flash or IE.
    • The There client?s titlebar will indicate the Edge versions if all goes well.
    • If needed, the original shortcut can be used to run the Flash version of There, although it may not work well if you uninstall Flash and IE (which you are free to do once you are satisfied with the new configuration).
    • If you have difficulty or do not feel comfortable with the instructions, you can reach out to Percy about joining the testing group.




    If you are interested how this works 😃


    This is the original Bedican compass version 3.41 bundled with the Ruffle Flash emulator. It takes a moment to load and text entry doesn't work.



    Thank you to Percy Thereian for organizing the testing and to Artie Ryvendale, Christi Leigh Detlofsen, Francis Seven, Jordan Waters, Megshappy There, Dani Colors, Brian Thomasson, Cathi Lanahan, Marie Anna Foster, and Andrew Harris for taking the time to test and provide valuable feedback!

    *Note* This software is not affiliated or endorsed by Makena Technologies inc. Any issues should be reported to TheChaz (Brian Gontowski) or Percy Thereian
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