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    Hi Everyone!

    As reported from There Staff, Adobe Flash Player will stop working in the beginning of 2021. It is important to be patient as There staff works on these repairs. I understand that it will be frustrating with limited stuff we will be able to have access to, but give them time and report the problems to There. Below, I have written down FAQ about the recent Adobe Flash changes. I hope these will answer your questions.

    1. Why is Adobe Flash Player ending?

      1. The decision
    by Published on 12-05-2020 11:06 PM
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    Several people have asked amount running There on MacOS. While there are no native applications, I've put together some instructions using CrossOver by CodeWeavers.

    Note that Makena only supports the software running ...
    by Published on 05-29-2017 07:15 PM
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    Sometimes, when people use voice the music volume goes down. This is a Windows issue. Here are the following steps to fix it.

    1. On the bottom right of your toolbar where the ...
    by Published on 04-22-2017 05:44 PM
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    13 There in 2010

    January 4th - there announces Coke speciltry holiday items will be going away on January 5th. Limited items included a 2009 ornament, a female outfit, and a 3 seater hoverboat shaped like a train with an unsual exhaust particle system.

    January 4th - The suspension of auction try-its ends after 9 days. People can now do try-its from auctions again.

    January 11th Developer chat. - video link here

    January 13th neighborhood Visibility feature unleased!
    Good news, Neighborhood owners! We’ve
    by Published on 04-22-2017 05:43 PM
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    MAB Minutes

    What was the MAB?
    The MAB is a small, rotating group of There members who have demonstrated leadership and passion in the There community. This highly-engaged group works with There staff to improve the There experience for all members.

    Mission of the MAB:
    To create an effective dialogue between There staff and a committed group of community leaders who represent the diversity of There.

    Who was on the MAB?
    Members who could qualify for the MAB include:
    Leaders of specific in-world communities
    Members who spend a lot of time in the There community
    Active club leaders and event hosts
    Racing/paintball/etc. enthusiasts
    Neighborhood owners, Funzone operators and PAZ building enthusiasts
    Publishers/Writers of major fan sites
    Active designers, builders, and merchants

    What was the MAB’s role?
    The MAB members are community liaisons who work to do the following...
    1. Gather issues and questions raised by the community (through forums, in-world discussions, etc.)
    2. Work together to prioritize these issues and questions for presentation to the staff
    3. Present the items to staff for discussion and help staff to understand the wishes of the community
    4. Relay the results of this discussion back to the community in some format

    by Published on 04-22-2017 05:41 PM
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    12 There in 2009

    Feburary 2009

    2-27-09 in a tie in with Hush Puppies There releases a specialty Hush Puppies dog!

    March 2009

    New partnerships included Spin Magazine (with some clothing and magazine covers) and Viz.com with Bleach anime gear!

    Coke added more specialty itemws to thier store.

    More island hoods off Aurora were released.

    There offered a contract position for writing a basic help tutorial for developers.

    March 2-8 There holds a neighborhood fair. 50 spaces were provided, and many were filled in time for the start of the fair at a neighborhood with remarkably flat land! There Fair Grounds!

    3-11-09 The new MAB ( ) is introduced officialy - after several members are mentioned at a developer meeting acccidentaly.


    On the same day There holds annother Develoepr Chat

    3-19-09 Brings a new Beta Test
    -- card game MotuMotu (based off the card game MauMau) which allows 2-4 players.
    -- updates to the Welcome Walkway - new blimp exit area. Removal of building models.
    -- 4 new hairstyles for women (without hats!)
    -- verification of the Cards and Quests functionality prior to the upgrade of those servers in production
    -- Real Estate functionality verification
    The card game causes many people to seg violate upon starting a new games. The Hairstyles look fantastic and are well approved of. The Blimp on the welcome walkway meets with some confusion. While many agreet that showtinging the walkway was a good thing, several are upset over the loss of the beautiful cruise
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