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    Thread: Site Forum Rules

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      Post Site Forum Rules

      Rules and Regulations

      Note: rules of conduct apply to posting and all profile fields of your user account, including, but not limited to username, user title, web site, avatar, signature, location, or any other informational field that is available for edit in your personal profile or post anywhere on the site.


      1) Do not post any messages that harass, insult, belittle, threaten or purposefully enrage another member or guest. Discussions and debates are bound to get heated, but we will not allow the forum to be a section to bash or argue with other members. If we feel a debate is getting overheated we will lock the forum. Once the forum is lock we ask you not to make another thread from that topic. We allow ages 13 and up to join the forums; however, we ask those to try and keep your post at a reasonable language.

      2) Griefing: Griefing is not tolerated in ANY form. Be it in posting or support of griefing activities in There.

      3) Spamming: Posting of the same post on multiple threads or multiple times within the same thread is cause for loss of membership. We do not allow the use of members email or personal information listed within the forums to be used for the purpose of email advertising of ANY kind.

      4) Advertisement: We do allow the advertisement of any site, group, club or that is not related to There. You may post non-There related items on 'Around The World'. However, we ask you to keep it a positive thing. There is no hate of other virtual worlds. If that occurs your post will be removed and you will receive a warning with one of our moderators or administrators. If you are unsure about posting please contact us and we can help you. We support EVERY virtual worlds that are out there. We ask you to post it in the correct location. The proper post to promote any other virtual world activities should be posted in Forum Section should be posted in the 'Other Virtual World'.

      5) Offensive Posts, Links or Images: Do not use profanity, racial, ethnic, religious, or other slurs, or post, pornography or any other offensive material. We have members from different countries, religions, backgrounds. Even if you express a point of view that is very popular in your culture, it may generate a negative reaction from members in another part of the world so please exercise discretion.

      6) Forum administration and moderators have the right to remove ANY post for ANY reason. Administration also has the right to refuse membership to any person regardless of reason and remove any member for any reason at their discretion.

      7) No Disclosure of Personal Information: Do not disclose any other member's email, real name, address, phone number, IP address, or other personal information. This includes the posting contents of emails and private messages without the sender's consent. Do not bring personal disputes into the forums. Moderators and Administrators will NEVER ask for your password.

      8) Playing the Role of Moderator will not be tolerated. Any member trying to manage or control a forum or thread stands to be removed. Do not correct posts by other members that are posting opinion. The correction of facts are fins as long as you can back them up, but do so in a polite and supportive manner. If you are offended or disagree with a post, please contact administration and not the member directly or post you objection within the forums. Allow Administrations to do their jobs, attacking of administration on any level or interfering with the forum in any way is grounds for removal and possible banishment from the site.

      9) One Account per User: multiple accounts are not permitted. If you have a good reason for needing more than one account, contact an administrator and ask for permission.

      10) We recently added a calendar. You may use it to promote any There.com events that are occurring. However, you may not post non-There events expect for Holidays. You must post a PG or PG-13 event. Any events that has strip clubs that are rated "R", will be deleted and be warned about it. We try to keep it clean.


      If you violate one of the rules and/or the administration feel that you have:

      The 1st step is removal of your posting, or edit with a warning sent as to why the post was removed.

      The 2nd step is another warning, with the removal or edit of your post.

      The 3rd step is removal of membership and possible banishment from the site. It is up to the administrations discretion as to the time a persons is removes from the sire and if they will ever be allowed to return.

      Major offenses will not be tolerated. While we do have the Three Strikes rule in effect here, such offenses can warrant a user immediate termination from the forums. Again, ANY member can be removed for any reason the administration deems is necessary.

      Registration Information
      When registering with therecommunity.net, you are required to give valid and working email address. Users can also log in via their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Members must post under their OWN Twitter and Facebook accounts, failure to do so will result in account removal and possible banishment from the forums.


      Below are the guidelines for the use of Shoutbox. You may communicate with the community by using this; however, we ask you to follow these rules that are being provided.

      • Do not use the shoutbox to post offensive language or offensive material
      • Do not use the shoutbox for support, if you are stuck and need detailed help then please use the forums, simple questions will be answered if we spot them otherwise its important that you use the forums!!
      • Do not abuse one another, it is meant for friendly light chat, not for shouting and attacking one another
      • Do not SHOUT using capital letters, lower case if fine!

      Any breach of these rules will result in a warning, and three warnings or a serious breach will result in suspension or ban of the shoutbox and/or the site depending on the severity of the offense.

      VBDownloads: (Now Available)

      is a software that is used that uploads any files for members to download. We have uploaded tools that the community has used and liked in There.com. We try our best to make sure the files are safe. By downloading any patches, or software, you agree that we are not responsible for any damages or loss of data that may occur through their use.

      We have the right to change the guidelines without notice. Please make sure you keep up to date.

      Thank you for joining the site. We hope you have a wonderful time here
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