Looking to meet people and make new friends? There are all kinds of *teams, leagues, Neighborhood groups and social clubs*in There for you to join! Get a flavor*for the types of clubs in There at the Club Fair going on now at the There Fairgrounds.
Interested in joining a club in the virtual world There? Create your very own avatar here. Once you’re logged onto*There, teleport over to the Club Fair at the There Fairgrounds. Travel*the walkways around the Fairgrounds and visit the different types of clubs There has to offer. You’ll find signs, brochures and information on each club. Check the club booths*for upcoming events where you can meet and interact with other club members.
Stop by the Fairgrounds and take a tour of the Clubs on display. Challenge yourself to sign up for at least three new Clubs in There.
Bay Area Boat System

BINGO Maniacs

Books & Tea*

The Cat’s Pajamas

Cross Country Racers*

Costa Lotta

Themed Event Planning & Invites List

Flight Academy

Gin & Vodka

Miracle Pictures*

GPSD Explorers

Hogz Speedway

I’m There

Mahalo Village

Music Trivia Quests

NellieRachel MotuGin Tourney

Rowdi Designs

Thereywood Squares