The hillsides, valleys and waterways of the virtual world are blooming with flowers and plants during the Spring Garden Festival. Thereians have planted victory gardens, flower beds, tropical flora, cannabis farms, garden hideaways and more during the month-long festival.
Take a self-guided tour of the 2020 Garden Decorating Contest entries. Click on the hyperlink for the garden details page and then click visit to teleport while you are logged into the 3-D world There to visit the virtual gardens.
Intelligent Design Greenhouse by AgapeloveFleuris De Jardin by BlueAnnThe Greenhouse by Charlie__BSTLaleeda Thereian Memorial Garden by ChristoneCissy’s Famous Red Wine by Cissy_59Dave’s Botanical Grove by Dave008EmmaJean’s Garden Lot by EmmaJeanMAHALOJUANA FARMS by fatjohnAloha Gardens by HoodAvieDragon Riders Yard by LadyMistyWater Garden Lounge by Lemon28Fifi’s Garden by MademoiselleFifiLavender Fields Forever by Megs_HappyAvian Garden by NancyJoPen’s Garden at Kipp by Penguin16Lakeview Falls Clubhouse by SuperdaleFlamingo Tea Garden by SusanszyPeaceful Hideaway by VeryKerry
Grotto Garden by _SquirrelettAll of the contestants received a special garden gift for planting a garden this year. The gardeners gathered at the Garden Tea Party event on Tuesday to roll the dice for the garden grand prize. It was a tie-breaker event with two contestants rolling the same high number. Congratulations to Megs_Happy for winning the highest score and taking home the Spring Garden Festival commemorative t-shirt and buggy along with a one-drop garden to add to her already stunning and beautiful garden contest entry.
Megs_Happy Garden Grand Prize Winner