The Northern Lights Community is kicking off our brand-new Holiday Highlight series this week in the virtual world This unique neighborhood is made up of ThereHouses and yard PAZes. It’s located atop the Northern Bluff and Tapu Knoll areas of Northern Motu Motu. The townspeople take great pride in the 80-meter landmark bridge constructed and maintained by community members. The Northern Lights Pass connects the separate residential areas high up on the bluffs.

At the center of town is the picture-perfect Northern Lights Christmas Gazebo. Nestled on a snowbank and surrounded by flocked Christmas trees, the gazebo captures the essence of holiday joy and is the shining star of the neighborhood.
There are several inviting game tables set up for members to play cards and socialize with friends. Every Friday evening, the community hosts Comet’s Spades events. All levels of spades players are welcome to join in the fun. Explore the Activities page and sign up for their weekly spades events. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and connect with fellow card players.

Wander through the snow-kissed streets of the Northern Lights Community and enjoy the individuality and creativity of each beautifully curated holiday home. Neighbors have decorated their front yards with giant candy canes, blinking lights, jolly snowmen and festive carolers. Here are a few of their outdoor decorations that you can shop to build and create your own holiday magic.

From classic Christmas trees adorned with twinkling lights to cozy stockings hung with care, every home tells a unique story of holiday joy. Celebrate Hanukkah as you encounter homes adorned with menorahs casting a warm glow across the dinner table. Individuality and long held holiday traditions are encouraged for the winter season in the Northern Lights Community.
With homes open year-round, you can make the Northern Lights Community your virtual haven. There are a couple of private ThereHouses still available for rent in the area. Currently there are around 27 occupied ThereHouses in the community. If you are interested in joining the members of Northern Lights and decorating your own home, there are several festive walls, hearths and windows our Designers have created special for ThereHouses during the holidays. Search the home improvement section of the Auctions to furnish your new living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Immerse yourself in the joy of the season, participate in exciting events, and relish the warmth of this welcoming community. They are a fun and festive group with a sense of freedom and creative spirit. Their members get along well and enjoy each other’s company. The door is always open for new community members to join. Don’t miss out on the holiday spirit and let the Northern Lights Community illuminate your virtual world with joy and festive delights!
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