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Originally made by BTST.
Updated and maintained by: Tablatronix.

Get full information here:

First Version: gpsd_setup_gpsdswf.exe ---> Install as gpsd.swf to use with launchers

Second Version:
gpsd_setup_compassswf.exe ----> Install as compass.swf , OVERWRITES EXISTING COMPASS (This will overwrite any of your compasses.)

Third Version (Geeks Only) GPSD.ZIP
Choose to save that file on your disk (for instance on your desktop). Open the zip file (with your favorite unzip program or by opening it using the Windows XP explorer). Extract these files to the directory just indicated (C:/Makena/There/ThereClient/Resources/compass). Use the zip program's facilities for this or more easy, drag/drop the files in that directory. Make sure you do not replace a file you want to preserve like Bedican.xml. So backup any file you do not want to overwrite.

Note: This software does NOT include the bboy compass or bedican compass. You will need to install those separately. Recommend using the bboy compass, so you can turn the GPSD on and off, or you can install the BBOY Quickbar which does the same thing.

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