• Top Technical Support: I see XML error when browsing pages in There

    Top Technical Support: I see XML error when browsing pages in There

    Almost all XML problems or errors are due to bad data remaining in your Internet Explorer browser cache. To fix this you need to log completely out of There and have the client closed.

    Once it is closed and you are logged out, please try clearing your browser cache by opening up an Internet Explorer window and performing the following steps:

    1) Click on Tools, at the top.
    2) Choose Internet Options
    3) Click the button labeled Delete Files.
    4) Click Okay.

    You do not need to put a check in the 'offline files' box.

    Then, try to reproduce the problem. Should you still encounter XML errors after following these steps, please click on "Ask a Question" in the Help Central toolbar to send us a trouble ticket with the exact text of the error you are receiving. There will be a generic error stating something to the like of 'cannot display XML using style sheet', which is not useful, then there will be a line, and then the real error is below the line. With the real error the cause can be determined and fixed.
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