• Top Technical Support: How to fix common Segmentation Violation crashes with Intel Graphics

    Top Technical Support: How to fix common Segmentation Violation crashes with Intel Graphics

    There currently can operate in two modes, either OpenGL, or DirectX. OpenGL gives greater graphics clarity and performance, but it is not always supported by the drivers provided by video card manufacturers. In some cases, OpenGL drivers are provided, but have bugs that are commonly encountered.

    The There Client will try to automatically detect which mode is best for a given system to run, based on the drivers installed on that system. Unfortunately we have discovered that on Intel Extreme Graphics, and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator chipsets, There will detect that it should use OpenGL due to the presence of an OpenGL driver, and then There will crash with a Segmentation Violation error when the driver crashes.

    To verify that this is the case for your sitation, please check the top of the There window. It will say "There (OGL)" for OpenGL mode, or "There (DX8)" for DirectX mode. If it says OGL, and you are experiencing Segmentation Violation crashes, and you have Intel Extreme Graphics or Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 9xx video chipset, you are likely experiencing this problem.

    To fix this, please use ThereTweaker to manually set your rendering engine in There to DirectX mode:

    1. Locate the directory on your hard drive where There is installed (e.g. C:\Makena\There)
    2. In your There directory, open the folder "There Client", then "Resources", then "dlls".
    3. In the "dlls" folder, you will see a file called "theretweaker.exe". Clicking on "theretweaker.exe" will open a window where you can adjust the resolution and rendering engine.
    4. Set Renderer to DX8 and apply changes.

    You should now be able to log in without this Segmentation Violation crash.
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