• Top Billing: How to change password, or password has been forgotten

    Top Billing: How to change password, or password has been forgotten

    There are two ways that your password can be changed.

    The first is through the There client itself, when you are logged in:
    • Click on the There button in the blue toolbar at the bottom of the There window
    • Choose My Profile
    • Click the 'Password' link in the My Profile window

    The other method, which you can use if you have forgotten your password, is to use our 'forgot password?' link at the following URL: https://webapps.prod.there.com/login/login.xml

    You will be asked for the 'secret answer' you gave when setting up your User Information. If you answer correctly, it will assign you a new random password which will be mailed to your avatar's registered email address.

    Please be sure to keep your Profile/UserInfo page up to date with a valid email address and secret question. Also be sure your secret question is not easily guessable/discoverable (could someone figure it out with Google?) since it is the Key to your Kingdom, as it were.
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