• Top Billing: I bought Therebucks, why didn't I get them?

    Top Billing: I bought Therebucks, why didn't I get them?

    What Happens when you Buy ThereBux:

    1. You click a 'Buy ThereBux' link,
    2. A page appears which asks you how much you want to spend. ($5 minium, $100 maximum)
    3. After that you click on the PayPal button to start the transaction
    4. A window appears with a connection to PayPal, where you log in (your paypal account) and verify/approve the purchase.
    5. PayPal processes the transaction (and gives you a result page -- watch out for error messages from PayPal)
    6. PayPal directly notifies our servers
    7. Our servers deliver the ThereBux to your avatar

    Delays could occur at pretty much any stage of that process, but our experience is that most transactions complete within a few seconds. PayPal warns us that such transactions could take as long as 10 minutes, so try to be patient.

    If the transaction does not complete in what you consider a reasonable amount of time, please contact us and include the avatar name and the PayPal transaction number which you feel did not complete. We will then investigate and 'do the right thing' for you.

    Thanks for spending money on There.com! We'll try to make it worth it for you!
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